Software development

One of our main efforts is in innovations, and developing our own products.

Products are custom made, and on any special request of our clients. We are focused in developing various applications used on energy and industrial systems.

We are happy to have in short period of our existence  privilege  in successfully installing our own made application’s on several electrical utility objects of highest importance.

Our software products include:

  • Ured V SCADA and WebSCADA
  • simple solutions for extensions of  obsolete SCADA systems
  • our own made communication drivers ( for most standard used communication protocols IEC 104, IEC 103, ModBUS, IEC 61850, etc..)
  • using our own made visualization solutions, and custom made on request
  • using special features, own made applications (network topology, event lists, power flow estimations and analysis, ..)
  •  providing various simple  communication / application solutions for SCADAs, DMSs, RTUs, etc.

For any inquiries,  contact at info@ured5.h5